Cardinal Custom Woodworking is your one stop shop for all of your custom woodwork, millwork, and furniture needs.  We pride ourselves in our dedication to personal service.  From start to finish, you are with in house employees that know your project and are committed to giving you the product you want, not the one you are settling for.  Design, fabrication, and installation from one company- that is what you get from Cardinal Custom Woodworking.

We also offer wood furniture finishing and refinishing services to include dining tables, end tables, chairs, chests, drawers, and the like.  Please go to the Contact page to request a quote.  Most of the time we can provide an estimate over email if you are willing to send pictures. 

Our Story

Cardinal Custom Woodworking is an employee owned business.  The primary two owners are Gene Kreider and Jeremy Turner.  Gene got started in the residential construction business twenty years ago when he moved into the Northern Virginia area.  His general contracting company has been through housing booms and recessions, stints in commercial property management, and even erecting cell phone towers.  The story here is that where countless other companies have come and gone, Gene is still standing tall because of his willingness to change and adapt to new opportunities and markets.  One of these a number of years back was new custom homes, which is when he met Jeremy.  Jeremy came on to work for Gene as a carpenter and quickly found himself tackling custom cabinetry and moulding work.  As the years went by, more and more opportunities presented themselves to do custom wood work, and a common trend became evident; not only is this work in high demand, but no one else seemed to offer a start to finish custom work service.  A customer had to hire an interior designer or architect to conceptualize their piece, find a shop to make it, and often times, hire a contractor to install it.   That was until we started Cardinal Custom Woodwork.  90% of our work is designed in house.  We spend hours with our customers making sure that they are getting exactly what they want.  Then, we take that design, and those conversations, and build it.  Finally, we take the time to install it the way that it was intended from the start.  This in house approach helps mitigate the frustrations and communication losses caused by having "too many cooks in the kitchen." 


Our motto "it's your house, let us help make it YOURS" isn't just a saying, it is our commitment to ensure our customers get exactly what they want, not what someone thinks they should want.  Give us a call and let us turn your dream into a reality.